Our distinctive strength is our background in Organisational and Educational Psychology coupled with experience across the sectors and varying cultures. Psychology offers a wealth of knowledge which continually informs our thinking about how people learn and the factors that contribute to Organisational Success. The Challenge is to take this research and translate this into effective solutions in theworkplace, varying contexts, sectors, different people, differing cultures, all over the world.

This is the Challenge we embrace every day at Investors in Learning! Investors in Learning Ltd was founded by Lizzy Lowenstein. an Organisational Psychologist with a passion and belief in the power of Learning to make the difference in our lives. Lizzy founded Investors in Learning with the vision of bringing effective learning to Individuals, Teams and Organisations, whilst applying Best in Class Organisational Psychology.

Lizzy’s eclectic background includes work in the private sector with SME’s as well as Ftse 100 Companies, national and multinational; she has also worked in the Public Sector, the Third Sector and in all sectors of education. This varied background has provided the backdrop to the Investors in Learning Best Practice Quality Framework.

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