Whether you are a Business, work in the Public Sector, Third Sector or in Education we would be delighted to work with you to design a Learning and Development plan tailored to your needs.
Whether you are looking for People Development for Individuals, for Teams, or are ready to embark on the challenge of developing your Business into a Learning Organisation, Investors in Learning is here to support you all the way
We make it our business to bring Best in Class Organisational Psychology solutions to you
We will provide you with our Best Practice Investors in Learning Quality Framework along with Robust Learning solutions to tailor your Unique Accredited Learning Solutions
Investors in Learning will support you to create tailored Learning and Development Solutions, which suit your unique needs.
Investors in Learning will use the Quality Framework to help you to assess your unique needs and will then support you in implementing the solutions that are right for you

The Investors in Learning Quality Framework, and hence our solutions which sit within the framework, have the
following key elements: